March 4, 2014

“We love what we’re fighting for - Home Boys Home”

There is a new anthem on the wind. The last decade has been spent with love letters to those in Alberta and home fires burning but now we are diggin’ in. No more generations born away. Come home and let’s pull together.

The message is strong. One of the most outspoken bands in the province has taken their message from stages around the world, to hearts at home with a variety of projects regenerating Newfoundland pride this Spring. It’s ambitious but it’s time.

Chris Andrews, Mark Hiscock and Bob Pike have been known as Shanneyganock for almost 20 years. With thousands of albums sold, standing room only shows, you’d think that would be cause for pause. Well you don’t know the ‘bys then.

Action speaks loud when you play in Shanneyganock. No time for standing still.

Upskydown Films Producer, Roger Maunder is behind the video; his work with the Janeway becoming an instant success with the beautifully crafted cinematography. Great Big Sea alumni Darrell Power, wrote the stunning song and with Billy Sutton behind the recording console, all hands agreed this was a special project indeed.

Their new video for “Home Boys Home” is hot on the heels of their record breaking release for Rockin’ On the Water. This track is the second track released off their 8th studio album. Stay tuned as touring dates are added to their brand new full content website featuring live performance video footage of the band and more.

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